Monday, March 1, 2010

Traditional Nigerian Attire

A new series here on Naijawed N More will be showcasing popular attire that would be worn as a special occasion outfit to a wedding/party or an outfit worn as aso-ebi.

Of course there are different styles depending upon the tribe, but many people interchange the styles for one another.

For example, although I'm Igbo, I could wear a blouse and skirt ("iro and buba") which is considered to be more of a Yoruba fashion. Nowadays, African designers are heavily influenced by western style clothing, so you will often see a mermaid style dress in african lace or ankara (african print).

There are also many different fabrics that are used. As I just mentioned, there is african lace, ankara, wax print, etc., which will all be showcased.

First up is the traditional blouse and skirt which, at this point, you will commonly see the older generation wear.

On the pic below, there are 4 different elements to this outfit:

Gele - Headtie often made out of a fabric like paper but can be made from any common fabric
Blouse (Iro) - made out of whatever fabric you choose, which in this case is African lace.
Skirt (Buba) - made out of whatever fabric you choose, which in this case was simply a wrapper.
Aso Oke - length of fabric thrown over your shoulders or arm (i.e. - shawl)

This woman was actually a bride at her traditional wedding and decided to wear "blouse and skirt" as her "wedding gown". Although she chose lace that was cream/ivory, the colors that are chosen can be of any color of the rainbow and the groom also matches his clothing with the fabric of his bride.

In my next post in this series, I will discuss more about what men wear, which vary greatly as well.

See you soon!!!